Meet the Artist Lynn Maderich

Lynn Maderich

Lynn Maderich has been working with the Department 56 Creative team for over 15 years. She primarily works on accessories for the Villages. “I’ve done pieces for most of them but usually I design for Dickens’ Village and the North Pole. I also work on licensed pieces for Disney, the Grinch and Elf. I think I’m the unofficial know-it-all for A Christmas Story.

She shares with us that working on the licensed pieces is quite a challenge. “Each one has its iconic characters that the people know and love; what I draw has to be accurate to what people expect to see. In the beginning I really struggled with Disney characters, especially Mickey and Minnie Mouse, because I’ve never drawn cartoons. It took awhile before I began to understand their unique proportions and how they move and express themselves. Now I really enjoy them.

When not designing products for Department 56, Lynn has many other creative interests. She does traditional oil paintings and teaches painting part time. Her favorite subject is a horse and has taught workshops around the country on painting horses. “For relaxation I sew and knit clothing and have won some ribbons in both crafts at the Minnesota State Fair. I dearly love having someone compliment me on something I’m wearing and being able to say, ‘I made it.’”