Enesco Ethical Trading Policy

At Enesco we see it as our responsibility and duty to ensure that workers involved in the making of our products are properly and fairly treated.

We insist on our suppliers abiding by our code of conduct regarding social and ethical issues, lawful trading, and environmental issues.

We have a nine-point framework that our suppliers must abide by that covers the following:

  1. No use of child labour.
  2. No use of involuntary labour.
  3. No harassment or abuse of labour.
  4. No discrimination in either the hiring of labour, or any aspect of their employment.
  5. That payment of wages and hours worked must be fair and must at least meet legal minimums set by local laws.
  6. That workers must have a safe and healthy workplace, and that all applicable laws are complied with.
  7. That workers must be free to associate, organise and bargain collectively without penalty.
  8. That all local environmental laws must be adhered to.
  9. That responsible environmental practices be encouraged.

To ensure that our suppliers comply with the above we begin by carefully vetting all new suppliers. They are obliged to sign up to this programme as part of their contract of doing business with Enesco, and we then continue to monitor their compliance by use of audits conducted by either our own locally based management or external independent auditors. In addition, all Enesco’s suppliers are visited at least annually by senior management members from the UK or the US.

Ralph De la Cruz

Vice President of Asian Quality Assurance

February 2021

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