We’re just dying to share these pieces with you… A hauntingly good collection of Halloween gifts, collectors’ items and homewares!

We’re just dying to share these pieces with you… A hauntingly good collection of Halloween gifts, collectors’ items and homewares!

Whether you’re a trickster or in it for all of the treats, this spooky season, we have some frightfully good gifts, collectors’ items and homewares that are sure to make your Halloween boo-tiful!

Sure, you deck the halls for Christmas, but what about kitting out your crypt for All Hallow’s Eve? These pieces from Enchanting Disney are quite literally to die for…

Featuring everyone’s favourite Pumpkin King™, you can give your home a spooky spruce up with the Festive Frights Bauble or the Ho, Ho, Howl Christmas Stocking. While it may not be the time for Santa to come shimmying down your chinmney, Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas™ is a cult classic and a firm favourite with fans at Halloween! Why not collect some knarley twigs while on a woodland walk, arrange them in splays like the fingers of a spindly old witch, and use the stems to hang the bauble, stocking and other decorative pieces to give your home a hauntingly good look and feel?!

Maybe the fun of the festive season and therefore our quirky take on Halloween isn’t quite your thing; instead you’re firmly in Halloween to be super scared by all things that go bump in the night? Well if that’s the case, cheers to you and a Halloween filled with ghost and ghouls! And when we say ‘cheers to you’ why not raise a glass (or goblet) in the process? We think the Nightmare Before Christmas Decorative Goblet from Disney Showcase will be right up your spooky street! The official chalice of Halloween Town, celebrate your holidays in style with this stainless steel lined decorative goblet, adorned with frightful imagery from The Nightmare Before Christmas™, as the glass’ 16 faux gems sparkle under the glimmer of a fearsome full moon!

If you’re more of a witch or a wizard than a spooky Skelington, you’re going to want to take a look at this – it’s the Wizarding World of Harry Potter Slytherin Decorative Goblet. The house at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry™ that’s notorious for turning out villainous characters who practice the Dark Arts, this piece really will appeal to your wicked streak! The decorative goblet embodies the green colours and House Crest of Slytherin™ – home to Harry Potter's™ arch rival, Draco Malfoy™.

Want to grow your collection of Harry Potter™ figurines this Halloween? Make sure you check out our range of villainous characters, with this Bellatrix Charm Figurine and of course this one - he who can’t be named - the most evil wizard of all!

Finally, and by no means least, we’re dying to share with you this brand-new piece from The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. As his younger self, Lord Voldemort™ is presented in his boyish half-blood wizard form, Tom Marvolo Riddle™. Recreating the iconic scene from Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets™ where the true identity of Tom Riddle and his horcrux note book is revealed to Harry, this piece is frightfully exciting for any fan of the film franchise this Halloween and whole year through.

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