Mother's Day

Feb 9, 2024

With hearts, roses and chocolates all around us, you can be excused for thinking that Valentine’s is the most important holiday coming up. But no, just a few short weeks after Cupid has made his rounds, Mother’s Day will be upon us. So why not start looking for something special for that other special lady in your life?

Yes, it may be cliché, but sometimes mum just wants to sit down with a nice glass of her favourite wine and relax. And what better way to enjoy her vino of choice, than with a Glad you’re my Mum Lolita wine glass.

Maybe you want something more from the heart, something that shows mum how much you care and appreciate her and everything she has done for you over the years. Then this Heart and Soul Willow Tree figurine is the perfect way to show that.

Nothing taking your fancy so far? Well, you can never go wrong with flowers! Take the extra work out of the gift by presenting them to her, ready for display in one of our beautiful Allen Designs planters. This vibrant and unique Mermaid Planter will bring joy to your mum’s face, time after time.

Finally, sometimes we all just want a bit of peace and quiet. A bit of time to ourselves, to relax and forget the stresses of the day. The Herb Dublin Wellness Gift Box is the perfect antidote to bring an evening of relaxation and a sound night’s sleep. A gift all mums truly ask for!

As well as the above, our website is packed full of more gorgeous and exciting Mother’s Day gifting items. Why not take a look and see which items best describe you mum, and prepare to spoil her this coming Mother’s Day!