Infuse summer adventure into your home with Enesco!

Jun 25, 2024

Summertime is here, at last! A season full of warmth, joy, laughter and most excitingly, adventures. Whether you are off exploring far-off lands or basking in the comfort of your backyard, we have gifts and self-purchases to add sizzle to your summer!

As we cherish in the summer spirit, why not bring the adventure to your home with Enesco’s exotic range of unforgettable products that breathe life into every shared meal, evening wind-down, and home décor. Experience the charm of Beatrix Potter, the comfort of Chesapeake Bay, the delight of Lolita, and the endearing humour of Allen Designs – each uniquely embodying the summertime exuberance.

Peter Rabbit Dinner Set by Beatrix Potter | Enesco Gift Shop

Starting a day with an adventurous story is just the summer escapade we all need. With our Peter Rabbit Dinner Set by Beatrix Potter, you can not only serve a heart morning meal but also share a classic tale of adventure. Beautifully illustrated, this charming dinner set promises unfaltering resilience just like our dear Peter Rabbit. Let the whimsy of Beatrix Potter transform each meal into a delightful summertime expedition.

Joy and Laughter Candles by Chesapeake Bay | Enesco Gift Shop

Evenings during summer too can have their own adventures. As the cool winds usher in the serenity, our Joy and Laughter Chesapeake Bay Candles can add the perfect touch. Watch as the soft glow from the candles lights up your space, the blissful aroma infusing joyful anecdotes of summer adventures just like a beautifully lit campfire would beneath the starry skies.

Summer Wine Glasses by Lolita | Enesco Gift Shop

Celebrations and summer go hand in hand, don’t they? And what’s a celebration without a tropical flair? Our Tropical Getaway Wine Glass by Lolita, hand-painted with a tropical island scene, is a fantastic reminder of beachy summer getaways. Each time you sip from this gorgeous glass, you’d be whisked away to your favourite beach destination. Dress up your white wines, rose’s or summer sangrias with this piece of art that beautifully encapsulates the vibrant spirit of summer.

'Sup Dude Turtle Hanging Ornament by Allen Designs | Enesco Gift Shop

Lastly, adding a little humour to your summer home décor with our ‘Sup Dude Turtle Hanging Ornament by Allen Designs will surely bring warmth and a pool of laughter. Hang this adorable turtle dude by your doorway, window, or even on the garden fence – a delightful welcoming sight for you and your guests.

As summer unfolds its adventures, let’s adorn our homes with these added details, implicity cherishing the seasonal zest. After all, summer adventures can always start at home – brought to life by the charming details of our Enesco collections.