Gorgeous new gin glasses – just in time for spring!

May 12, 2022

Hurrah for springtime and the end of the long, cold dark nights of winter! As the days are getting longer and the mercury is creeping up the thermometer, the warmer weather is certainly on its way. And do you know what that means? Of course, long lazy evenings in the comfort of your back garden, winding down from the day that’s just gone, while taking in the new flora and fauna that’s springing up around you. And what better way to enjoy all of those beautiful botanicals than with a glass of gin in hand, too!


So, just as spring signals the start of something new, if you’re looking for a new gin glass to enjoy this season – whether it’s a treat for yourself or for someone special – then do take a look at these lovely new Copa Gin Glasses from Ginology…


We just love the Peonies Copa Gin Glass. With delicate decals featuring this pretty pink flower, they symbolise romance, prosperity and good luck.


Looking for some vibrancy after the dark days of winter? Then look no further than the Dahlia Copa Gin Glass. Beautiful florals in shades of reds, pinks and yellows surrounded by green eucalyptus give this glass a gorgeous vibrancy. Perfect for enjoying a classic G&T with a zingy twist of lemon!


If calming sensitivity is more of what you’re looking for then the Wisteria Copa Gin Glass is just what you need. Did you know, in Japanese theatre Wisteria represents love, support and sensitivity? What lovely sentiments for this delicate hanging flower in pretty shades of purple.


Or how about reliving your youth and harnessing all that is good and pure with our Lily of the Valley Copa Gin Glass. A small and delicate white flower, it’s come to symbolise youth, purity and happiness. And what would make you happier right now than enjoying a glass or two of your favourite gin and mixer?


And finally, new into our Ginology collection is the Tulip Copa Gin Glass. Did you know, tulips are native to Asia? Their symbolic meaning is of ‘true love’. So, with this gorgeous glass featuring florals in deep reds, yellows, pinks and shaded with green flourishes, what better way to treat yourself or indeed someone special, to a thoughtful gift with a seriously sweet sentiment too!


All of these brand-new Copa Gin Glasses measure 20.0cm tall – the perfect shape and size to enjoy your favourite tipple – and are presented in a fully recyclable kraft box, making them a gorgeous gift (and a nice easy shape to wrap too!).


Don’t forget, these new glasses join other best-selling glasses in our Ginology collection, such as Daffodil, Poppies and Sweat Pea, so do make sure to check them out and add to your glass collection today!