Gorgeous gifts to share the love this Valentine’s Day

Jan 16, 2020
Gorgeous gifts to share the love this Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s Day less than a month away, now is the ideal time to tell that special person in your life just how loved they are – on this day and all year through. From thoughtful gifts, collectors’ items and lovely keepsakes, we have a whole range of high-quality brands that your loved ones will adore this Valentine’s Day and beyond!


Say it without words:


From acclaimed artist Susan Lordi, Willow Tree is open to interpretation. From the figurine’s pose and posture to its decorative elements and design style, a piece from the collection can mean whatever you would like it to be – that’s the beauty of this Willow Tree – it’s all in the eye of the beholder.


Symbols such as hearts and flowers are frequently carved on to a Willow Tree piece or held by the figures, making them expressive sculptures that speak the universal language of love, and are therefore, truly lovely gifts this Valentine’s Day.


As you may well know, many Willow Tree figurines are all about love – sharing love, being surrounded by love, experiencing love. The graceful movements of dress, body, hair and hands of each figurine, shares the heartfelt messages that ‘you are loved’ – something that your loved one is bound to cherish on Valentine’s Day - with each piece being a thoughtful reminder of these acts of love all year through.


Willow Tree is a truly versatile range. If you’re looking for a gift for your partner, we recommend Abundance, Always, Je t’aime, Love, and of course, Love You. These figurines really are the most classic, elegant and timeless way of letting a loved one know just how very special they are.


For those of you wishing to share deeper emotions of rooted commitment, enduring love and solemn promises made to each other this Valentine’s Day, we’re sure these pieces from Willow Tree will help your customer to find the exact words to say, without murmuring a word at all!


Promise, Together, Around You are the perfect gifts for married couples, civil partners and those in long-term relationships. What’s more, if you are celebrating a wedding anniversary or other relationship milestone this Valentine’s Day, then a piece from Willow Tree is the perfect gift to commemorate such an important occasion.


Of course, as well as sharing love for one another, you can also share respect for the environment this Valentine’s Day too. Each piece from Willow Tree is beautifully packaged and presented in a brown craft recyclable gift box, meaning you can not only find the most gorgeous gift for loved ones, you can do so while being kind to Mother Nature too! After all, kindness and respect are two of the most important qualities of any enduring relationship…


Something for the Disney fans:


If classic and understated isn’t quite your style, then how about something fun and full of personality to express your feelings of love towards that someone special this Valentine’s Day? Oh boy! Find something that’s just swell this season of love with our wide range of licensed Disney figurines from Disney Traditions by Jim Shore.


Is there a more iconic couple in pop culture than Mickey and Minnie Mouse? With a whole host of figurines featuring the dynamic duo from Blossoming Romance, Kissing Booth and Heart to Heart, there’s something here to suit every style and sentiment!


Also in the collection are characters from some of the most-loved Disney animated films and cartoons, like Lilo and Stitch and Winnie the Pooh, and let’s not forget the whole host of fairy tale princesses who’ve found true love and their happily ever afters with their very own prince! With a piece from Disney Traditions by Jim Shore – whether it’s classic characters or contemporary Disney Princesses - there’s a million and one ways to say ‘I love you’ this Valentine’s Day, all sprinkled with a little extra Disney magic and a flourish of fairy dust too.


Gifts for the girls:

So here’s something for Valentine’s - a gorgeous gift from girlfriend to girlfriend – yes! To celebrate special love and friendship, check out our licensed glassware collection from Lolita.


With prosecco glasses, wine glasses, coupe glasses, gin glasses and much more, a gift from this collection certainly helps raise a glass to ever-lastings friendship this Valentine’s Day and beyond. We particularly love this Heart of Gold glass – simply perfect for Valentine’s Day.


And remember, all Lolita glasses are mouth blown, hand painted and decorated with bling-tastic crystals, as well as having a cocktail recipe printed on the base of each vessel. So, if you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day with your bestie, a gift from Lolita makes for a great at-home girlie cocktail evening too!


Of course, we have alternatives to the outrageous designs and bling-tastic detail! Take a look at our Ginology Glassware collection. Created by Enesco designers, this range of gorgeous gin glasses takes inspiration from and pays homage to nature – classic pieces that can be used all year through to raise a glass to love, laughter and friendship and at a great price too!


For more gift inspiration to help share sentiments of love this Valentine’s Day, take a look at all of our gifts to express love here.