Fabulous Florals! Our new Botanical range from Disney Showcase!

New Disney figurines in our Botanical Range from Disney Showcase – coming into stock soon


Hurrah! Do we have some exciting news for you! We’re so pleased to tell you that we’re adding brand new fully licensed Disney figurines into our super popular Botanical Range, from our Disney Showcase Collection.


Calling on all things fabulous and floral, the ever-growing Botanical Range from Disney Showcase sees your favourite Disney Princesses and other much-loved characters presented in ways you’ve never seen before, with each figurine perfectly poised on a bed of flowers that helps to capture the essence of their character and harnesses the themes that run through the plots of their respective films.


We launched the Botanical Range in January 2023, with one very special figurine that was packed full of faith, trust, and a little bit of pixie dust. That’s right! The turn of the New Year saw the launch of Disney’s Botanical Tinker Bell Figurine, featuring everyone’s favourite little pixie in her iconic green costume, complete with wonderful wings and a bright blonde top-knot bun, poised perfectly on a bed of beautiful purple flowers as if a scene straight from Neverland.


Not forgetting everyone’s favourite pal and the character that started it all, Disney’s Mickey Mouse! That’s right, not only did it all start with a mouse in terms of the Walt Disney Company, but as well as Tinker Bell, the Botanical Collection from Disney Showcase started with a mouse too – or should that be two? That’s because, one of the very first Disney figurines into the Botanical Range also featured Mickey and Minnie Mouse, with the iconic duo wearing summer-ready outfits, as if picnicking in the park while enjoying the surrounding flora and fauna. What we absolutely adore about this piece is the fact that Minnie is smelling a beautiful red flower that’s been presented to her by Mickey Mouse – what a romantic, eh?!


Now, we’re thrilled to tell you that Disney Showcase is expanding its Botanical Range to include three new Disney princesses! So, whether you’re a fan of Disney Sleeping Beauty, would love to take a trip ‘under the sea’ with Disney The Little Mermaid, or are ready to take flight on a magic carpet ride with Disney Aladdin, you’re going to want to read on…


One of the new figurines in the Botanical Range is Disney’s  Briar Rose (Aurora) Botanical figurine. Disney’s Sleeping Beauty, as you may know her, is presented in her countryside outfit akin to when she lived deep in the forest with her three Fairy Godmothers, in an attempt to escape Maleficent’s wicked curse. In keeping with this theme, Briar Rose is positioned as if walking through the flowerbeds of the forest, with delicate blue and white flowers trailing from her wicker basket down into the folds of her long-flowing skirt.


Joining Briar Rose in the Botanical Range is the Ariel Botanical. Inspired by the 1989 animated movie, Disney The Little Mermaid, Ariel is presented with her purple shell top, green fish tail and flowing red hair. She is swimming amongst the flora and fauna of the sea bed, with red reeds and aqua-green bubbles surrounding her fins, and a lovely little purple starfish resting by her tail at the bottom of the sea bed.


Finally, the Jasmine Botanical completes this trio of new Disney princesses in Disney Showcase’s Botanical Range. Presented wearing her iconic blue palace outfit and as if perched on a rock, the base of this figurine is surrounded by bright green tropical foliage with highlights of small white and red exotic flowers.


Both the Briar Rose (Aurora) Botanical and Ariel Botanical stand tall at 20.5cm, with the Jasmine Botanical measuring 16.5cm. Each piece in the Botanical Range from Disney Showcase is made from cast stone and presented in a branded gift box.


What's more, did you know that Disney is celebrating the 65th anniversary of Disney Sleeping Beauty and the 35th anniversary of Disney The Little Mermaid this year? So, if you’re a fan of the film franchises or a collector of movie memorabilia, you will not want to miss the opportunity to take home a piece of the magic this year, with these iconic Disney Princesses presented in new ways as never seen before.


As well as the new collectable Botanical Range from Disney Showcase, our website is packed full of other brand-new and exciting Disney collectables and figurines. Why not take a look and see which pieces captivate your imagination, in a way that only Disney can?


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