Discover Wild & Wood: Handcrafted Wooden Flower Figurine Cards for every occasion

Welcome to the world of Wild & Wood, where creativity blossoms and occasions are celebrated in style.

We are thrilled to introduce you to our brand-new collection of hand crafted wooden flower figurine cards, each intricately designed to convey your heartfelt sentiments. From birthdays to weddings; get-well wishes to new homes — our wooden flowers are the perfect way to send love and joy to those you cherish. Priced at just £14.95, these exquisite cards offer an affordable yet elegant way to show you care, making them an ideal gift for any occasion.

Bursting with vibrant colours and fine detail, the Congratulations 3D Flower Figurine Card encapsulates the spirit of success and achievement. The wooden sunflowers symbolise growth and prosperity, making it the perfect way to congratulate loved ones on their accomplishments.

Crafted with tender care and adorned with a delicate wooden flower, the Get Well Soon 3D Flower Figurine Card offers a ray of hope and comfort to those in need of healing. The flowers represent resilience and renewal, conveying heartfelt wishes for a speedy recovery.

Radiating joy and celebration, the Happy Birthday 3D Flower Figurine Card features lively wooden flowers that capture the essence of birthdays. With its vibrant hues and playful design, it's the perfect way to send warm wishes and make someone's special day even brighter.

A symbol of everlasting love and unity, the Just Married 3D Flower Figurine Card celebrates the magic of marriage with a beautifully crafted wooden bouquet. Adorned with intricate details and romantic charm, it's the perfect way to congratulate newlyweds and wish them a lifetime of happiness.

Expressing gratitude and admiration, the Mum 3D Flower Figurine Card honours mothers with a stunning wooden bouquet that exudes warmth and love. The intricate craftsmanship and heartfelt design make it a touching tribute to the endless sacrifices and unwavering support of mums everywhere.

Welcoming loved ones to their new abode, the New Home 3D Flower Figurine Card features charming wooden flowers that symbolise the beginning of a new chapter. With its cosy charm and heartfelt sentiment, it's the perfect way to convey best wishes and blessings for a happy home.

Offering solace and support, the Thinking Of You 3D Flower Figurine Card features wooden flowers that signify care and compassion. With its gentle beauty and heartfelt message, it's a touching way to let someone know they're in your thoughts during difficult times.

Overflowing with affection and tenderness, the With Love 3D Flower Figurine Card features a stunning rose bouquet which embodies the depth of love. With its elegant design and heartfelt sentiment, it's the perfect way to express your love and devotion to someone special.

These delicate floral figurine cards are both meaningful and mailable, embodying beauty and sentiment in one. Their intricate design adds a touch of elegance to any occasion, making them perfect gifts that are not only visually pleasing but also easily sent by post. This gift can be purchased and mailed first class for under £20.

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Browse the Wild & Wood collection today and discover the perfect wooden flower figurine card for every occasion. With Wild & Wood, every moment becomes a masterpiece of love and connection.

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