Celebrating Experiment 626 this World Stitch Day!

While Disney’s animated movie Lilo and Stitch may have hit our screens over 20 years ago in 2002, the mischievous little blue alien from outer space has been racking up a loyal following of fans over the past two decades from across the world.


The movie’s main character is Experiment 626, otherwise known as Stitch - the little blue alien created by evil genius Dr Jumba Jookiba - to create and cause chaos around the galaxy. Of course, as with any Disney movie, there is always a happily ever after, and rather than causing chaos around the galaxy, Stitch finds family in Hawaiian sisters, Lilo and Nani.


The heart-warming film is such a cult classic with Disney fans across the decades, that the 26th June has been hailed as World Stitch Day, in a nod to his experiment number. So, if you’re a lover of this mischievous little blue alien from outer space and want to mark this special day, do we have a collection of Stitch collectables, figurines and homeware for you from across our multitude of licensed Disney collections. Read on…


Disney Showcase:

Did you know our collection of Disney Facets from Disney Showcase features beautiful figurines of superb quality, bringing the world’s most iconic and beloved characters to life, through stunning ‘gem cut’ sculptures? With the look of cut crystal at a fraction of the cost, these multi-faceted high-grade acrylic figures sparkle and shine with show-stopping detail.


Now, in celebration of World Stitch Day, you can get your hands on this out-of-this-world Stitch Facets Figurine, which is simply sparkling with Disney magic! Featuring everyone’s favourite little blue alien sitting down while playfully looking at his paws, the gem-cut approach to the blue-toned acrylic perfectly captures the dazzling personality of Stitch’s character.


Disney Britto:

If you’re a fan of the 2002 box office hit, Lilo and Stitch, you’ll know that the little blue alien’s favourite food and drink is a slice of coconut cake swilled down with a cup of coffee. So, why not raise a glass (or should that be cup?), to Experiment 626 this World Stitch Day with this brand-new mug from Disney Britto!


This unique collection pairs one of the world’s best-loved family brands with highly sought-after contemporary artist - Romero Britto. An international pop art sensation, he has interpreted some of the world’s favourite Disney characters in figurines and applied their likeness to homeware through his signature style.


We just love this Stitch Midas Mug from Britto. Measuring 10.5cm tall, the mug features a black line drawing of Stitch complete with a pop-art twist, thanks to Britto’s sense of fun patterns and bold colour-blocking style. While Stitch can be seen holding a red flower in his mouth, this colour palette is carried through across the design of the mug, with fun spots and stripes detailing presented in shades of whites, blacks and – of course as the Midas touch suggests – with hints of gold!

Enchanting Disney:

Perhaps the bright bold pop art style of Disney Britto isn’t the look you’re going for this World Stitch Day, and perhaps you would favour something a little more classic and vintage in style? If so, look no further than the Surf Fun (Stitch Figurine) by Enchanting Disney.


Made from glass with a wooden base, the traditional Kloche features everyone’s favourite little blue alien in a sweet little scene as he rides the waves on a surfboard as if enjoying a Hawaiian rollercoaster ride. The figurine is created by the careful layering of laser-cut pieces of coloured wood, secured to a wooden base and seeing the whole scenescape encased by a glass dome.


Kloche is Enesco’s first eco-friendly collection, produced using sustainably sourced wood and glass domes instead of plastic, adding to the sustainable credentials of this Kloche-inspired Stitch figurine. What’s more, the Surf Fun (Stitch Figurine) is also presented in a unique branded gift box, created from biodegradable packaging.


Disney Traditions by Jim Shore:

Of course, if you’re in the market for a Stitch figurine to celebrate Experiment 626 this 26th June, then you need look no further than the Disney Traditions by Jim Shore collection.


We just love the Ohana Means Family Stitch Figurine, seeing the little blue alien with his clipped pink ear sitting playfully on his hind legs with one paw outstretched, as if reaching for a cuddle from his new family in Lilo and her older sister Nani.


And last but by no means least as we celebrate World Stitch Day, if you’re a fan of the film franchise, you’re going to want to take home this piece of movie memorabilia – it’s the Lilo and Stitch Storybook Figurine. Measuring 14.5cm tall, the setting for this figurine is created by the open pages of the storybook. On one side you can see the bright blue cover and the title of the book written in gold – Lilo and Stitch – with the other side of the figurine representing the inner pages of the tale. Here you’ll find intricately carved 3D presentations of Lilo sitting underneath a luscious palm tree, with Stitch sitting on her knee enjoying a warm embrace.  In the background are two tropical flaming bamboo torches and across the back of the scenescape the iconic phrase from the movie is inscribed into the page – Ohana means family.


Like all pieces in the Disney Traditions by Jim Shore collection, both Ohana Means Family Stitch Figurine and the Lilo and Stitch Storybook carry award-winning artist Jim Shore’s signature style. Featuring the interesting use of colours and tones, paired with motif patterns and intricate detailing inspired by Shore’s love of American folk art, these pieces bring everyone’s favourite little blue alien to life while capturing the essence of his character in ways you’ve never seen before!

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