Celebrate the 70th anniversary of Disney’s Alice in Wonderland with us!

Celebrate the 70th anniversary of Disney’s Alice in Wonderland with us!

Don’t be late for a very important date and celebrate the 70th anniversary of Disney’s Alice in Wonderland with us!

Curiouser and curiouser! Can you believe on 26th July 2021, it’ll be exactly 70 years since the cinematic release of Disney’s Alice in Wonderland? That’s right! It is soon to be the platinum anniversary of this sweet little girl drifting off into a dream-like sleep, falling down the rabbit hole, and leading her to all manner of discoveries, characters, and adventures!

So, if you’re a fan on the film franchise, loved Lewis Carroll’s original book on which Disney’s film is based, or enjoyed Tim Burton’s real-life adaptation of the animated classic in 2010, then we have a whole host of licensed collectables and figurines, that will help you to mark this very special 70th anniversary Alice in Wonderland.

We simply adore these Enchanting Disney letter figurines. With one available for every letter of the alphabet, you can select just one to represent the initial of a first name, or buy a collection of them to spell out a full moniker. Standing at 7.0cm tall and presented in a light neutral cream colour palette, each letter has a character from a different Disney film at its base.

If you’re an Alice in Wonderland fan, why not check out this piece featuring the heroine of the story herself, or how about this Tweedle Dee, wearing his red and yellow outfit with oversized blue bow tie? Of course, don’t be late for a very important date, and make sure you take a look at White Rabbit, too! He’s poised with an over-sized pocked watch in-hand and presented in a running pose, as if dashing off to the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party for a very happy ‘unbirthday’ celebration.

While our Enchanting Disney letters are wonderful for a little one’s bedroom, perhaps you’re looking for something a little less endearing. Well… off with their heads! Because here comes one of the most loved-to-be-hated Disney Villains! Take a look at this exceptional Queen of Hearth Vinyl Figurine by Miss Mindy Presents Disney.

Miss Mindy has a very whimsical take on the world and her design aesthetic is completely on trend. With her figurines featuring big heads and eyes, juxtaposed against small mouths and noses, her pieces take pride of place in homes, giving it a pop of colour and some serious style to boot. As such, ‘Cartoon Folk Art’ is how many describe Miss Mindy’s work, due to the old timey feel.

She was inspired by 80’s Anime, Disney, and Max Fleisher’s Betty Boop cartoons in her young artist life. In fact, her biggest inspiration was her grandmother, who worked as an ink and paint girl at Disney in the 1930’s on the now animated-classics, Snow White and Pinocchio, and traces of this kitch-but-quirky feel are still found in her designs today.

The Queen of Hearts Vinyl Figurine is no exception – with her black and red outfit creating a unique tripod structure to allow the figurine to stand freely, this Disney Villain can be seen with pursed lips, heart-shapes in her dark red eyes, and hand poised on hip as if ready to declare that the roses should be painted red!

Finally, if you want to celebrate this special anniversary of Alice in Wonderland with a classical and timeless piece, then you’re bound to fall in love with this Alice in Wonderland Figurine by Disney Showcase.

Standing at 16.5cm tall, this gorgeous Haute Couture Alice will leave you wonderstruck by her elegant, formal tea attire, providing a stylish twist on her iconic outfit. Still wearing her pale blue dress, the style has shifted from tea dress to ball gown, complete with ruffled skirt and sparkling rhinestones, and her once plain white pinafore has been embellished with an ornate damask pattern. A simply stunning piece that not only captures this much-loved character in an elevated form, it’s also the perfect way to mark Alice’s very special 70th anniversary.

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