Bringing the Spring mood into your home

Mar 18, 2024

Spring is in the air outside, the fresh breezes, the flowers starting to awaken and the days that are starting to get lighter. But with that extra sunlight, you end up noticing little corners of your home that lay neglected over the winter months. So it’s time to put on your colourful Allen Designs Apron, roll up your sleeves and get stuck in. 

Allen Designs       Scion Living

The best thing to brighten up a space is always going to be flowers. They make everything feel fresh and new, but how are you going to display them? The Padukka Vase by Scion Living is the answer to that! This stylish, stoneware vase is decorated with subtle pops of colour meaning, it will never overshadow your bouquet, whilst the contemporary shape helps to catch the eye. The perfect mix of modern meets traditional style, it’s even priced at under £20.00! 

Herb Dublin

A welcoming space always feel, comfortable, clean and loved. Some people do this by baking biscuits whenever they know they have guests coming over so their home smells warm and welcoming. But the clever ones know that a good candle can make your home smell divine with minimal effort. The Rhubarb Candle by Herb Dublin is a great one to have to hand whenever someone pops by unexpectedly. This natural wax candle is scented with a variety of herbs and flowers taken directly from Irish country gardens. Available in both jar and tins, this is the perfect candle to make your home smell fresh and inviting. 

Disney Home      Lolita

Finally, have you spent all day cleaning, moving furniture around and generally tidying up? Well then, it’s time to put your feet up, relax and have a well-deserved cup of tea. Our Disney Mono Mugs come in a pack of two and make Tea-time magical. Each with a different design, they are made from high quality stoneware and are dishwasher safe (because who wants to do more cleaning?!) With a 300ml capacity, they hold plenty of the hot stuff, perfect for you to relax. 

Or maybe, you want something a little stronger? Maybe to toast yourself on a job well done? The Dragonfly Stemless Glass by Lolita has been mouth-blown and hand-painted before being decorated with jewels and glitter. Perfect for fruity cocktails, mocktails or even just a refreshing glass of water – why else would you want to use anything but the best? 

So now your home is fresh, clean and ready for Spring. You can relax, enjoy it and pray that it stays that way, at least for a day or so!.