Big bear hugs!

Apr 5, 2022

Introducing brand-new plushes from Kalidou

Carefully created with little ones in mind but made with big hearts full of love, Enesco is super pleased to present this absolutely paw-fect brand-new collection of plushes and soft toys, in an exciting range called Kalidou.

From traditional bears to colourful play-pals, these lovely soft toys and plushes will stimulate a child’s sense of curiosity and creative play, while making wonderful gifts to celebrate births, christenings or any other major milestone in the journey of growing up too, making them loveable pieces to last a whole lifetime!

With the first pieces due to debut in April with much of the collection being added to the new shop.enesco website over the coming weeks, we bet you can’t wait to get your paws on these super sweet little bears and other furry friends…

If you’re looking for a classic plush that will not only last a lifetime but age gracefully too with its totally timeless appeal, then look no further than our Teddy Bear with Check Bow Tie. Available in either white or brown with the colour picked at random upon delivery adding an extra element of surprise upon arrival, both variations of bears feature sweet little black noses and button eyes, with a big checked bow tied gently around their necks. Plus, for only £15 and with gift wrapping available as an optional added extra, it’s now easier than ever to send a Kalidou bear as a super thoughtful gift.

Continuing with the check theme, we just love the brand-new White Teddy Bear with Grey Scarf. Measuring 17.0cm tall, this soft and fluffy white bear has a knitted scarf around its neck in a lovely grey colour, with complementary checked fabric highlighting its ears and paws for a classically coordinated look. Sure to be loved by little ones now, a bear of this caliber is made for longevity too, with surface washable fabrics to help with all those sticky stains from little fingers.

If the classic whites, browns and greys aren’t quite what you’re looking for, and instead you’re on a bear hunt for something a little more colourful, then look no further than our lovely lavender collection!

Taking the form of the classic bear, the Small Lavender Teddy Bear with Bow takes its colour inspiration from the lavender fields of Provance in France, where Kalidou originates from. This bear is just waiting to be loved, with its cute patches complemented with darker shades of purple, and a sweet bow around its neck reading Provance in embroidered thread.

Continuing with the colour theme, we just adore this Small Lavender Patch Teddy too. With its fur in a similar shade of Provance Lavender to the Teddy Bear with Bow, this soft and squishy little cutie has patches over its body and paws, as if it’s been well-played with and has picked up a couple of boo-boos along the way too! The small bear measures in at a petite 12.0cm and costs just £7.95. If your bear budget can stretch a little further but you just love this furry friend, then make sure to check out the Large Lavender Patch Teddy too. Standing tall at 20.0cm, you can get your paws on this guy for a very reasonable £13.00.

Finally, if all things bright and beautiful fills your heart with warm fuzzy hugs, but you’d rather a stuffed animal than traditional teddy bear plush, don’t forget to check out the Small Lavender Patch Bunny and the bigger Large Lavender Patch Bunny. With long lolloping ears and a big belly to boot, these adorable plushes make a lovely alternative when searching for a gorgeous gift to give to a little one. But be quick – these pieces will come into stock soon, and we expect them to hop off to homes, ready for children up and down the country to shower with love for a lifetime.

And don’t forget, almost all of the plushes from Kalidou are suitable for babies aged 10 months and over. They’ve been carefully created with the highest safety standards in mind, so you can rest assured not only are you giving a great play-pal as a gift that little ones will love their whole lives through, you’re keeping them safe and secure as they develop and grow too.