Back to School (whatever your age!)

Jul 21, 2023

Are you heading back to school this September? Maybe you’re packing off and heading into halls as you experience your first year of university and potentially living away from home. Or perhaps you’re an adult learner enjoying an evening course or two from the comfort of your home over Zoom. Could you be upskilling and taking part in some Continuing Professional Development as part of your job? While you might not necessarily feel like you’re heading back to school, you’re certainly a learner too!


Whatever you consider yourself to be, our brains are more receptive to the information we’re taking in when the environment around us is conducive to learning. A clear and clutter-free desk helps to set the scene so that you can be like a sponge, soaking up all your new-found knowledge. After all, you know what they say: a tidy space is a tidy mind.


But being tidy doesn’t need to be plain and boring either! Why not jazz up your desk space with some of these lovely pieces?


Decorating your desk:


We adore this bright and colourful Flower Mini Planter by Demdaco. Sitting on a little wooden base, the ceramic planter features black spots hand-painted onto a cream background, with a pink flower poised perfectly in the middle of the piece. As well as using the planter to house your favourite succulent, why not get creative too? This would make a lovely alternative piece for keeping your pens and pencils in one place!


Or, if you’re feeling really ‘old skool’ as you head back to school, check out this Black Writer Planter from Allen Designs. Measuring 12.5cm, it’s sculpted to the shape of a typewriter with its heavy bronzed buttons spelling out the different letters of the alphabet, along with a faux return key and wind-down button. What a brilliant bit of décor for your desk!


Burning the midnight oil:


Will you have assessments to submit? Perhaps you’re a planner and will project manage your piece to perfection. Or maybe you work better under pressure and will be leaving your revision and assignment writing to the last minute.


So, if you’re going to be burning the midnight oil, make sure you’re burning this Eau So Amazing Candle by Eau Lovely, too. With a tiger eye stone set into the scented soy wax, this special stone is said to bring good luck while dispelling fear and anxiety. So, as well as making your working space smell great, you’re harnessing the power of special stones and crystals in your quest for that A* grade.


If candles aren’t quite your thing but you love a good fragrance to help your senses de-stress so your mind can focus on the task in hand, then why not check out the Chesapeake Bay Ultrasonic Diffuser and the Uplift Chesapeake Bay Oil? This 100% natural fragrance with essential oils enjoys signature blends of grapefruit, lime, orange and red berry extracts, to really help give your mood a boost when you’re battling through writer’s block and a spot of brain fog.


While the Chesapeake Bay Ultrasonic Diffuser can sit proudly on your desk, if you’re looking for something a little more subtle but still packs a punch when it comes to smell, then look no further than the scent-sational Black Cherry Scent Plug Organic Stater Kit by Yankee Candle. Simply pop the wall plug into your socket, switch it on, and let it get to work filling your space with fabulously authentic fragrances, while you get to work on your latest assignment!


Heading back to school but not back to class?


As summer draws to a close and September rolls in, perhaps you’re heading back to school but not back to class? Intrigued by what we mean? Well, perhaps you’re heading back to university to collect your degree certificate at graduation. Or, perhaps you’re a teacher coming to the end of the summer holiday, heading back to your school as your place of work, as you get ready to welcome your learners when term begins.


If that sounds like you, look no further, because we have some perfect back-to-school pieces for you!




Are you getting ready to wear your cap and gown as you proudly pose for pictures holding your degree scroll? To commemorate the occasion – or perhaps you’re looking to buy a special keepsake gift for a soon-to-be-graduate – then Willow Tree has some super special pieces you’ll just adore.


First up is the You’re The Best Figurine by Willow Tree. Featuring a carved female form complete with wire angel wings, the figurine can be seen holding a red apple perched in her hands. A lovely piece to gift to a graduate as a reminder of how proud you are, and that you really do think they are the best. Of course, with apples being synonymous with gifting to teachers, the sentiment of this Willow Tree figurine is open to individual interpretation and will make for a wonderful reminder of the recipient’s time at university.


Or how about Quest from Willow Tree? This figurine features a male form avidly reading a book in his lap. We think this would be a wonderful gift to give to someone who has perhaps returned to learning later in life – it’s a sweet sentiment to not only celebrate their achievements having successfully completed a course but a lovely reminder that the love of learning is for life – no matter your age!




Are you a teacher returning to work soon? Well, while your students might be packing their bags and refilling their pencil cases, there's no reason why you can’t treat yourself (or a special teacher you know) to some start-of-term and back-to-school goodies too!


We think this Dog Park Tote Back from Allen Designs is ideal for transporting all of your bits and bobs to and from school. Big enough to fit your packed lunch, as well as all of the different papers you’ll have to mark, the quirky take on an abstract print featuring different dog breeds is sure to break the ice with your students and get them talking!


Don’t forget the Crazy Cats Zipped Pouch from Allen Designs too. This large 100% cotton pouch is perfect for pens, pencils, stamps and stickers (dare we say detention cards too?). We’re especially tickled that one of the cats featured on the print seems to be getting stuck into a pile of books – maybe this moggy has a love of lifelong learning too?


Lastly, we’re sure teaching is very thirsty work! After all, you’re constantly on your feet and having to project your voice to be heard over the clang of the classroom chitter-chatter. So, with that in mind, remember to stay hydrated and take to work with you the Under the Sea Mermaid Water Bottle. It’s 500ml and made from stainless steel, so you can either fill it with coffee to help keep you going throughout the day (the water bottle will keep hot drinks warm for up to 12 hours) or fill it with a drink of something cool to soothe your sore throat from all the talking (the water bottle will keep your cold drink perfectly chilled for a whopping 24 hours!).


Little ones hopping off to the classroom:


And finally, if you’re packing your little one’s bags for their first day of school as they hop off into the classroom, we have some paw-fect pieces that you and your kids are just going to love, featuring everyone’s favourite bob-tailed bunny, Peter Rabbit.


Take a look at the children’s backpack. Made from high-quality material and featuring a waterproof lining, the backpack is available in a Flopsy Rabbit print. With adjustable straps and easy access, your little one will be happily hopping off to school with this on their back in no time at all!


Of course, you’ll need to fill your little one’s backpack with a packed lunch, water bottle and maybe a little love note too, to wish them good luck on their first day of school. Don’t forget the stationery though – take a look at this adorable Peter Rabbit Notepad and Pen Set, as well as the Beatrix Potter Stationery Set, including a pencil, pencil sharpener, rubber and ruler, all featuring the characters from Beatrix Potter’s best-loved tales, using design elements inspired by the original illustrations. Just lovely.